According to the purpose of foreign language activities of the new government curriculum guidelines for elementary schools, teachers are required to foster fundamental inner resource and ability of students to communicate by exercising of point of view and way of thinking through language activities like listening, reading, speaking and writing. Most homeroom teachers aren’t learned teaching method of English as subject during teacher training course. That’s why most elementary school teachers don’t have confidence to teach English.
Our association carries out activities to contribute of enhancement of English teaching abilities by providing qualified TESOL teachers who have expertise about international standards of various English teaching methods, how to create lesson plans and teaching of grammar and pronunciation. Nowadays, TESOL certificate is indispensable who specializes in teaching English and to be acknowledged internationally.


Japan TESOL Association
 Our association enhances the compliance education and strengthen its compliance system for organizations which develop English teacher. Thus we contribute to establishment of English education resources with consideration for spreading and promoting wholesome English education and sustainability.
  • Planning of compliance education materials, providing workshop and educating of planning and implementing for training.
  • Human resource development for enhancement of compliance.
  • Investigation and research of organizations for English teacher development related to compliance.
  • Consultation from organizations for English teacher development related to compliance matters
  • Evaluation and authentication of organizations for English teacher development related to compliance system.
  • Other necessaries to achieve above purposes.
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 TESOL is an acronym that meaning is below.
  TESOL = Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
 TESOL is usually preferred in Australia and the USA. The international standard for teaching English to non-native speakers is known as TESOL certificate. The general perception is that speakers of English as a second language live in an English speaking country, meaning they do need to speak English on a daily basis for work, socializing, shopping etc